S T Y L E  A N D  A P P R O A C H



Surface protection of my work is an important part of the process. 

Varnishes come in all sorts of bases, consistencies and finishes.  Because I sometimes use oil pastels or other materials that may smudge, I tend to use sprays.

Over time, I've developed a few practices that I find work well and you can learn more about my approach if you're interested.

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Gel Mediums

Using modeling paste and other gel mediums has become a consistent part of my creative process.  I may be focusing on one particular medium to construct texture, or another to thicken paint so that I will be able to etch and carve into it.

Many different types of mediums are used to create many different types of effects.  Learn more in the future on my Techniques Page.

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Surface Prep

Whether you are stretching your own canvas or are using a store bought pre-stretched canvas.  It is always a good practice to prepare your surface for painting.  I achieve this by applying gesso.  Gesso is one of those versatile products that all artists should have in their studios.  I will show you that gesso is not only used for priming your surface.  Ahhhhh, the possibilities are endless…

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